Comprehensive policy

Projection indemnity insurance is a form of business insurance coverage for professionals, such as doctors, fiduciaries, accountants, lawyers etc. This type of insurance is mainly protecting professionals against lawsuits arising from human errors and omissions that might occur in the normal course of business and that might lead in economic losses to a third party.


A wide range of coverage for all your insurance needs

Financial Protection

Losses from lawsuits can interrupt your business.

Peace of Mind

Provide services with greater confidence, bring effective results.

Increased Credibility

Enhances your goodwill and brand image.

Comprehensive Coverage

Guilty or not, the cost of defending an accusation of wrongdoing alone can quickly rack up a rather pricey bill, not to mention the time required for gathering evidence, attending legal meetings and potential court hearings, taking precious time away from actually running your business.


You are covered

Insurance services like our 24/7 claims line, flexible premium and full coverages. All designed to protect your home against the unexpected, to get you moving again quickly after an accident, or to keep your business running smoothly whatever happens.