Cyber Risk Insurance

Protect your organization from security & privacy events


Comprehensive policy

In the digital world we live in, us and our businesses are exposed to day-after-day dangers of personal data leaks and economic losses caused by such dangers. This type of insurance, is an important mechanism that mitigates cyber risks at a surprisingly low cost, and can provide coverage for any type of organization from the uncertain disclosure of confidential information such as social security, bank accounts, credit card numbers, etc. It also provides coverage for damage / destruction of computer systems and data through computer viruses, hacking and criminal activity relative to cyber-crime.


A wide range of coverage for all your insurance needs


Demands that lock up devices and threaten to leak sensitive data

Data breach

Protect financial interests in the event of data loss.

Extortion demands

Bad actors holding sensitive information they are threatening to expose

Comprehensive Coverage

Like other types of insurance, cyber risk insurance often requires organizations to prove they are taking some sort of action to protect their network against threat actors. If an organization doesn’t protect their network at all, they might not be approved for insurance, or be charged a high rate, similar to how if someone has a riskier health behavior like smoking they might be given a higher health-insurance monthly cost.


You are covered

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