Pension & Retirement Insurance

Individuals 18-65 years old, who wish to participate in a pension plan that offers various retirement options.


Comprehensive policy

Although retirement may not seem very close in the future, it is necessary to plan ahead how you would like your life to be when that time comes. In this way, you can ensure a high quality of life for you, your children and your grandchildren. Plan your future standard of living and financial independence on your own terms.


A wide range of coverage for all your insurance needs


Ability to participate in the Company's multiple investment funds

Retirement planning

Retirement date selection after the age of 50.

Tax Relief

Flexible and efficient unit linked plan with high returns

Comprehensive Coverage

  • Partial / Full surrender or whole of life pension options.
  • Ability to participate in the Company’s multiple investments, each one with its own investment and risk profile and with the right to change funds two times per year.
  • Inflationary Adjustment.
  • Inflation adjustment options 3% or 5% per year.

You are covered

Insurance services like our 24/7 claims line, flexible premium and full coverages. All designed to protect your home against the unexpected, to get you moving again quickly after an accident, or to keep your business running smoothly whatever happens.