Nikos Nikolaou, Insurance Advisor

I have been an insurance advisor since 2003, offering a wide range of convenient insurance, packages and schemes as well as, consultations and mentoring. I provide a variety of financial insurance services to cater for your every need while offering innovative solutions to individuals and corporations.

In 2010, Nikos S. Nikolaou Insurance & Consultants Ltd. Company was founded with the aim of expanding into general insurance, in order for our customers to feel their property is SECURED.



Years-long experience makes us capable of finding unique solutions.


Free consultation on various insurance options, custom-made for your requirements.


Our team of experts is always ready to assist you when and where you need us.


We cooperate with the largest, most trustworthy companies in the Cypriot insurance industry


Full-service Insurance agency

We are a full-service agency with many years of experience in managing a wide range of risks and exposures, with satisfied clients throughout the island.