Life Insurance

Personal Insurances


We know you have worked hard to make your house a home.

Pension & Retirement

Individuals 18-65 years old, who wish to participate in a pension plan that offers various retirement options.


Comprehensive car insurance to suit your needs


Coverage for a wide range of risks


Ensure your children's academic future


Planning to protect your family is very important as it offers peace of mind in your lives.

Comprehensive policy

A life-long insurance plan that combines investment and insurance protection.
Its main objective is to offer high insurance protection without predefined duration, combined with capital formation.


A wide range of coverage for all your insurance needs


Life-long insurance plan


Choose the combination of investment and coverage that meets your needs


Flexible and efficient unit linked plan with high returns

Comprehensive Coverage

  • Savings – Ability to participate in multiple investment funds, each one with its own Investment policy and different investment risk.
  • Bonus Units – On the fifteenth (15th) of the insurance policy and in every subsegment annual anniversary, will provide a number of bonus units up to 0,75% of the fund value which are allocated to the insurance policy.
  • Secure potential loans
  • Financial protection of your family in the event of loss of life.

Full-service Insurance agency

We are a full-service agency with many years of experience in managing a wide range of risks and exposures, with satisfied clients throughout the island.

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