Life Insurance

Planning to protect your family is very important as it offers peace of mind in your lives.


Comprehensive policy

A life-long insurance plan that combines investment and insurance protection.
Its main objective is to offer high insurance protection without predefined duration, combined with capital formation.


A wide range of coverage for all your insurance needs


Life-long insurance plan

Contract Control

Choose the combination of investment and coverage that meets your needs

Tax relief

Flexible and efficient unit linked plan with high returns

Comprehensive Coverage

  • Savings - Ability to participate in multiple investment funds, each one with its own Investment policy and different investment risk.
  • Bonus Units - On the fifteenth (15th) of the insurance policy and in every subsegment annual anniversary, will provide a number of bonus units up to 0,75% of the fund value which are allocated to the insurance policy.
  • Secure potential loans
  • Financial protection of your family in the event of loss of life.

You are covered

Insurance services like our 24/7 claims line, flexible premium and full coverages. All designed to protect your home against the unexpected, to get you moving again quickly after an accident, or to keep your business running smoothly whatever happens.