Car Insurance

Comprehensive car insurance to suit your needs


Comprehensive policy

Motor insurance is designed to help cover vehicle –damages loss or injuries, even car-related lawsuits.
Motor insurance is compulsory and provides protection to:

  • Passengers
  • Drivers
  • Other people's property


A wide range of coverage for all your insurance needs

24 Hours

Road side assistance

Full vehicle coverage

Liability plus comprehensive and collision

Optional Coverage options

Various types of optional coverage

Comprehensive Coverage

  • Provision of a new vehicle
  • Selection of complete covers
  • Covers for natural disasters
  • Full vehicle coverage
  • Coverage of loss of damage
  • Optional protection of premium
  • A wide range of basic and optional insurance coverage
  • Provision of medical cover to drive
  • Windshield cover
  • Loss or damage as a result of fire or theft

You are covered

Insurance services like our 24/7 claims line, flexible premium and full coverages. All designed to protect your home against the unexpected, to get you moving again quickly after an accident, or to keep your business running smoothly whatever happens.